A Peer-to-Peer (Blockchain) E-Commerce Website With a Built-In Crypto Payment Processor (EOS) – An Alternative to eBay and Amazon, Like a Crypto eBay or Crypto Amazon but With No Fees, No Signup, and No Identity Checks

Codes take you directly to listings

  • Create a listing with your EOS account name (if you don't have an EOS account create one automatically by installing a wallet, try
  • Look out for an email notifying you that your item has sold
  • Use the message board to communicate with the buyer and fulfill the order
  • Ensure that the buyer releases the order amount from the escrow to your EOS account [if escrow used]
  • Swap or exchange the EOS for another cryptocurrency via your wallet or an instant cryptocurrency exchange such as SimpleSwap (, or keep it as EOS
  • Start with some balance of EOS in your wallet, obtain either by selling or an exchange such as Coinbase ( or wallet such as Guarda (
  • If your EOS account isn't already saved in your browser for repeat use, get your EOS account name and associative private key info from your wallet (your private key is stored encrypted in your browser and never with BlockCommerc)
  • After completing a purchase, use the message board to communicate with the seller such as informing them of your shipping info if not already provided in the comments
  • When the item has been delivered according to the receipt, release the escrow [if escrow used]
  • If the seller doesn't deliver according to the receipt, open a dispute and BlockCommerc will work to resolve the issue
  • Fee Comparison
  • Amazon


  • eBay


  • BlockCommerc


  • Features
  • A Built-In Crypto Payment Processor
  • Item Quantities
  • USD or Crypto Fixed Amounts
  • Multiple Sale Methods, Including Offers
  • No Signup Required
  • No Fee Whatsoever
  • An Escrow for Protection (Optional)
  • EOS
  • 2,800 transactions per second
  • 0.5s transaction times
  • 0% transaction fees
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